Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Power your daily content with video

If I was working as part of a busy content marketing team, responsible for fuelling an organisation’s social marketing, I’d give my right arm for a way to create highly relevant videos, simply and easily and then serve those via whatever channel I choose.  Imagine reacting to customer comment with a highly relevant video post – perfect for some much needed social amplification, right? In fact, how long, realistically, until that becomes the norm?

But we all know it’s not that easy. Although video production costs have fallen considerably, making your own professional looking (and sounding) video response is actually quite tough. As an old marketing sage may well have said, you can hand anyone a pencil but that doesn’t mean they can draw.

omething’s got to change

We’re in 2015 and it already looks like Cisco’s prediction that 70% of internet traffic will be video by 2017 is pretty much on track. In the consumer space, YouTube vloggers are multiplying like locusts, posting tens of thousands of hours of material every day. Every hour actually. But as responsible business people we can’t just set up a webcam and produce rambling, unedited and poorly produced Vlogs can we? Don’t think about this for too long. The answer is no. No you can’t. What you can do is use any available corporate video material and post that. But then what? Once you’ve posted a generic video half a dozen times it’ll lose its bite, surely?

Where there is a want, there is a way

So having got excited about the prospect of fuelling your content with relevant video, how can you realistically make that happen? Personalised video technology may well provide the answer. Although you’re not necessarily dealing with your audience one to one, you’re not quite addressing the masses either. If you respond to a tweet with a video, it’s a response to one, though seen by many. Confused? You needn’t be.

The key word here is relevance. If you can post an entirely relevant clip for any purpose then you’re really on to something. Personalised video, like vCreate, allows you to do several things to ensure that every video you post is exactly on the money.

Personalised video to the rescue

he first opportunity is that within every corporate video library lies potentially hours of relevant material, often frustratingly surrounded with something too generic. A cloud-based personalised video tool (like vCreate) will let you select just the right clips and blend these into a single video.  Secondly, if you want to add something super-relevant, you can create video clips from PowerPoint, like an animated infographic for example, perhaps with a well-defined call to action. You can join this to either end of an existing clip if you wanted, to create something new and unique.

Video is the future of content marketing.  In an age of information overload it’s the perfect way to really cut-through, but only if it’s 100% relevant. For content marketing, when you’re reacting to comments and unfolding world events and business trends, staying relevant and incisive is the challenge. But personalised videos are more than ready to meet that challenge. But only if you are too.



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