Friday, 4 March 2016

Spice up your partner relationships with video

Many companies, especially in the tech industries, deliver their products and services using a 100% indirect model through a network of certified partners. It makes sense. To make the relationship work means using a variety of co-marketing initiatives.  More often than not, these tend to be one-off tactics like print adverts, offers and events. Or worse, a lack-lustre selection of so-called ‘digital assets’ like editable PDF’s, PowerPoints and co-branded web-headers.

Whether these are funded through periodic MDF (Market Development Funds) or accrued Coop, or more typically a mix of both, another problem arises from the fact that many partners are liberal with their affections, taking the path of least resistance and maximum profit. Which may mean doing more business with your nearest competitor. Which means you’re competing for their attention, dedication and sales.

Let’s face it. A partnership that involves simply feeding warmed up leads to an order-taking channel to administer isn’t really a partnership at all.

So how do you inspire true partnership when it comes to co-marketing and lead gen? One way is to offer up something highly inspiring, fresh, and proven to work. But on a budget.  Simple then – no pressure.

vCreate for Partners is one approach that may tick all the boxes. Firstly, it maximises the use of video, proven again and again to have greater cut-through than any other medium. It also allows for personalisation, again proven to be more effective in generating leads and more quickly turning them into sales.

vCreate also lets you deliver your brand messaging directly to your partners and their customers in a highly effective and consistent way. Centrally managed and controlled, you can be sure your activity is efficient and measurable whilst reinforcing the power of your trusted partner relationship.

Not only does it give your partners online access to a central video library (managed by you), it allows trusted partners to upload, record and edit clips to use within their own videos to add an element of personalisation. Of course, how much control you give them is entirely up to you.

It’s flexible too, allowing you to roll out new video assets to your entire partner network quickly and easily. Both yourself and selected partners can get easy, 24/7 access to management reporting and customer viewing stats, using viewing data to trigger agreed sales actions.

Despite it looking like a bespoke tool, co-branded with your partner network, it’s inexpensive, and really simple to budget for. It’s also quick and simple to deploy, requiring no software or IT intervention; all cloud-based and device agnostic. vCreate is a gift for innovative Channel Marketing Managers looking for a new way to invigorate and inspire their partners  and get more cut-through to increase sales. 

You have to work at any relationship and vCreate could be the perfect way to spice things up.